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Good Reasons to Work With Us
by Patrick Oborn

Shopping for cheap T1 lines is not a simple task. You query the popular search engines and discover millions of websites, all claiming to help you save money on buying T1 service. It is very bewildering trying to compare the features of so many different T1 service plans. We can help you find the best telecom services available. We analyze your company's current services and needs, review the products from multiple carriers, and introduce you to the best solutions.

As an independent broadband consultant, we can help you compare T1 services from over twenty different carriers and advise you on which plans best fit your technical requirements and your budget. We understand that your business needs quality service from a dependable Tier 1 provider. That's why we partner with only the best service providers who can offer reliable service and have a proven track record of stability.

Each company we work with has unique strengths. Our job as your broker is to find the best T1 broadband provider for you. This involves assessing your needs, matching those needs with the broadband service provider's capabilities, and negotiating a favorable rate with the T1 carrier.

During 2002 my business partner, Adam Edwards, and I developed a brand new broadband shopping tool. We recognized at the start that we had to give you a streamlined shopping experience that will not waste your time. We wanted to bring you information you can use - not just a simple "enter your information here and we'll get back to you" elementary page. To achieve this goal, we spent an entire year studying all of the available T1 providers to understand fully their pricing models, most of which were created many years before we were born. Based on the data we discovered in our research, we invested in a sophisticated software platform to allow us to compute loop prices, or the cost which your local telephone company passes on to the T1 broadband service providers for use of the local network infrastructure. This cost varies by distance, by market, and by geographic region of the country. After carrying out our extensive quality assurance testing, we launched our revolutionary T1 line price quoting technology to the public on this very web site in 2003. We have since been awarded United States Patents 7,496,184 and 7,916,844 giving us exclusive use of this groundbreaking technology, which we call GeoQuotetm.

As soon as we started producing tons of sales volume for our suppliers, we have been favored with promotional T1 rate plans and discounts that we exclusively can offer you, our client. Our cheap broadband provider rates are notably lower in large metropolitan cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, California and other California metro regions of San Diego, and San Francisco. In the New England region, we are very competitive in New York City, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. We are service public, private, and non-profit organizations near the Washington DC area, including Baltimore, Maryland. Our southern markets cover major metropolitatan regions around Miami, Florida, Montgomery, Alabama, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana. With our partnership with Alpheus Communications in Texas, we are able to offer some of the lowest rates in Houston, Texas, and Dallas. Our western market regions include Seattle, Washington, Denver, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Internet buyers just like you have requested over 801,459 comprehensive T1 line quotations using our website. Rather than putting up with delays of several days to finally view prices, we show them on your screen within seconds. In addition, we'll follow-up with a friendly phone call from a qualified broadband consulting expert who will provide answers to all of your particular concerns, guide you in designing your network, and point out the advantages and drawbacks of each one of our carriers. With all these value-added benefits exclusively through our agency, you will have an affordable technical solution in no time at all.

Don't be fooled by the imitators! Since we launched our site in 2003, many have attempted to copy our concept, our business model, and even our domain name! It's amazing how in-style real-time shopping has become, especially considering that the reaction we received by our vendors when we divulged our plans to create GeoQuote. Some of the reactions we received include "that can't be done - it's never been done before" and "that is an interesting business model". Now these same vendors have become believers, and our very best partners.

Change has been embraced. Thousands of T1 lines have been sold to clients as diverse as law offices, hospitals, electric utilities, colleges, hotels, WISP providers, and IP-enabled contact centers. The way people shop for a cheap broadband provider will never be the same.

As we go forward, our goal is to continually improve our product offerings. We now offer enterprise products typically employed by larger corporations, namely: gigabit ethernet, OC3, and cloud computing bandwidth requirements delivered over a fiber optic backbone. Many of our carriers even offer free managed Cisco routers for multi-year contracts. Mostly, our goal is to build a bond with you - our customer - that will last for years to come. Earning your trust is what we do here. Saving you money on cheap T1 service is how we keep it.