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Featured Article - July 30, 2014

Is a T1 Service Better than DSL?

Is a T1 line better than a DSL connection? A more appropriate question might be "Is a T1 connection BETTER than a DSL connections". A T1 connection and DSL connection both offer bandwidth at high speed but have two factors that significantly separate them from one another. Those factors are price and reliability. A DSL connection has a low cost and is less reliable than a T1 line. A T1 is much more costly than a DSL connection but is also much more reliable.

So are you seeking out reliability or price? Reliability becomes significant when customers or employees depend on your connection for immediate responses. If your customers make use of your connection to access your databases or your server or the Internet then reliability of your connection is critical. If your employees depend on your connections because you host the e-mail server in-house or host web servers, your connections are considered critical. A critical connection can be seen much like a life line, without which your business would be devastatingly impacted. Your monthly savings of having a sub-par connections will not recover for the loss in productivity of your employees or loss of clients when your DSL connections gets slowed down or disconnected. To state my point again, critical connections should be provisioned with a T1 connection.

Many customers are very price sensitive and cannot find the money for a T1 which can be as much as 20 times more expensive than a DSL connection. Residential customers who are most susceptible to price should not think about a T1 connection unless then have a business reason to pay for such a circuit and cannot access DSL service. You may be fortunate and find a T1 connection that is low cost which would give you both price and reliability, but be careful. Many T1's sold for less than $600 are not genuinely dedicated circuits and are oversubscribed. In short, if price is your critical issue go with DSL. If reliability is the critical factor, then purchase a dedicated T1.

We are experts in Pittsburg T-1 Line. This page is a short summary of the products specifically offered by T1Market in Pittsburg.

Going forward, our objective is to continuously improve our product offerings. We now deliver enterprise products normally employed by larger corporations, specifically: fiber ethernet, MPLS network service, OC3, and cloud computing bandwidth delivered over a fiber optic backbone. Several of our carriers also deliver complimentary managed Cisco routers for multi-year contracts. Primarily, our goal is to develop a bond with you - our client - that will certainly last for years to come. Acquiring your trust is exactly what we do all the time. Conserving you money on affordable T1 services is exactly how we keep it.

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