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Don't Pay For Your T1 Router!

Written by - Wyman Little, Senior Editor

With the drop in the economy after 1999 came a drop in usage of network capability. This spells opportunity for broadband buyers. Providers are bending over backward aiming to get people to use their networks. A couple of years ago hardware was something you had to worry about yourself. Today, the majority of service providers want to throw in a t1 router line valued between $750 to $3,000 with your brand-new service contract. Providers have become very competitive and among the methods they are trying to draw in customers is by making the start-up procedure as basic as possible.

Provider have attempted several methods of drawing in customers and simplifying the start-up procedure. Credit checks have actually been streamlined, application paperwork been lowered in size, and there are significantly discounts offered for new customers. The free router when from an unique promotion offered to increase month end sales to ending up being a basic part of the item offering. It is now the exception to the norm to find service providers that do not offer a router with their service.

If you're in the marketplace for a new T1 service know that you should be able to get a router with your service. If the company does not offer this service do not hesitate to ask for it and if they do provide it ensure you get the very best router possible. Remember, it's a purchasers market and you will likely be able to add on a couple of "additional" when you get your new service. The best method to ensure that you aren't leaving anything on the table is utilize a broker who knows the company and understands how to get you as much as possible. Think about utilizing one of the brokers at

Free advice from our broadband consultant. Call us toll-free: 1-800-880-2001 and mention Ref# 136534
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