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Finding the Right T1 Provider

Written by - Ron Jacobs, Senior Editor

Telecommunications agreements can be similar to a marital relationship and as all of us understand there ready and bad marital relationships. The truth is, when you participate in a telecom agreement with a Metro Ethernet company for affordable quantity of bandwidth or voice service you will need to participate in a long term agreement. Telecom agreements for T1's and T3's normally vary from 1 years to 3 years. Anything longer than a 3 year agreement is typically just seen in large applications like OC3 and OC12 or complex frame relay connections with numerous nodes. While the regard to the agreement will not be an issue if you have the best supplier, the agreement might show very challenging with the incorrect supplier.

We recommend utilizing a broker to stroll you through your choices and reveal you the service providers and services offered. A broker or independent representative can help in reducing the time it takes you to search for a T1 service provider by asking you the concerns when and exploring numerous suppliers to obtain the service that is ideal for you. The representative assists avoid the predisposition you will get when talking with one supplier as the representative will be paid no matter which service you pick. As the representative does not deal with a particular supplier like AT&T or Sprint, she or he will not press you because instructions if they are wrong for you.

Keep in mind that the t1 company you pick will be your partner for rather a long time so take care in your choice. The worst part of being with a bad company is that it will impact your service. Dropped calls or a web connection that decreases can be dreadful to an organization. We discovered that the bigger business like AT&T and Sprint will launch business from long term agreements it if is revealed that the voice or information T1 service was malfunctioning regularly, nevertheless the release from such an agreement will not assist recover the damages of the lost calls and emails from the bad service. When looking for a T1 company we recommend utilizing a broker and requesting recommendations from present consumers to offer you an indicator of exactly what you can anticipate.

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