The extremely random, really hard-to-believe rumor stunned Bravo watchers who wondered why Gizelle, who went to Cynthia Baileys wedding event to Mike Hill …

I will not now, nor will I ever be sonned. #RHOP.
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And one more time for the AINTs in the back: Loyalty.
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#RHOP Update, a new source simply sent us this: “Anon … Candiace wasnt in Miami. Peter Thomas was likewise present throughout filming.
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Not Candiace allegedly tossing a glass at Mia on the cast trip … S7 is about to be CHAOTIC! #RHOP
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Eid Mubarak Yall???? (@Mihrimah_FS) May 4, 2022.

and witnesses declared that she “threw a glass” the fellow homemakers way …

Peter Thomas with Gizelle & & Robyn at Bar One. #RHOA #RHOP
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The girls of #RHOP have been really hectic …
Source: Greg Endries/ Bravo
A Real Housewife of Potomac is shutting down rumors that shes dating a former Real Housewife of Atlantas ex-husband in the midst of some MESSY Miami video footage going viral. Gizelle Bryant is knocking accusations that shes been privately seeing Cynthia Baileys ex, Peter Thomas.
Source: Greg Endries/ Bravo
The report very first distributed Wednesday by means of an MTO report that stated,
” Gizelle has actually been a frequent visitor of Peter Thomas] new Bar One dining establishment situated in Baltimore Harbor. And the 2 have actually developed a relationship.”.

Peter Thomas.
#RHOP Update, a new source simply sent us this: “Anon … Candiace wasnt in Miami. Peter Thomas was also present throughout shooting.

Considering that #RHOP will showcase not only this fight but Ashley Darbys separation, audiences may be in for an extremely spicy season.
What do YOU consider the most recent RHOP updates?

Gizelle Denies Dating Peter Thomas.
Late Wednesday Gizelle solely denied the rumor to TheJasmineBRAND stating,.
” It is 100 percent NOT TRUE”.
The last guy Gizelle was connected to was of course her ex-husband Jamal Bryant who she ended things with, once again, quickly after. Its uncertain if shes seeing somebody new although reports swirled that she might be seeing Van Jones, something fellow homemaker Wendy Osefo shaded her over
Mentioning Wendy, shes presently a hot subject of discussion after video footage appeared of her involved in an argument with fellow housewife Mia Thornton.
Remarkably enough, the girls were arguing at Bar One Miami which is obviously owned by Gizelles [non-boyfriend] Peter Thomas.
Source: Shannon Finney/ Bravo
Hit the flip for that.
Twitter is on fire with a video revealing Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton arguing on a #RHOP cast journey.
Source: SOPHY HOLLAND/ Bravo.
People initially thought that the blowup was between Candiace Dillard and Mia thinking about that tweeted about “not being sonned” …

And when you think youre going to kid me, Im just going to be louder. Thats on duration.
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but it was later on exposed that Mia was really at chances [ again] with Dr. Wendy, NOT Candiace.
Details on what went down are of course skimpy as #RHOP continues to film for season 7 however a Bravo watcher said that Peter Thomas was likewise present during recording when the blowup happened.
In the video, you can see Mia whos wearing red standing up, and later Dr. Wendy, whos wearing green, standing up as well.

Gizelle believed Jamal embarrassed her just wait until she see what Peter got in shop for her ass?
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would be cozying up to the 55-year-old models ex.